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C Lo on behalf of Sporting Lisbon played 31 times

Le 6 November 2017, 08:57 dans Humeurs 0

C Lo on behalf of Sporting Lisbon played 31 times, scoring 5 goals. Sporting Lisbon is C Lo dream place to start David Savard Jersey, he spent a memorable teenage years here. Lisbon and C Luo have helpless love, 2013-14 season, the Champions League final is in Lisbon's Stadium of Light, Real Madrid in overtime 4-1 victory over Atletico Madrid, won the club's first 10 Champions League trophy. Because of C Lo, the Stadium of Light has become C Luo's home. This season, the Champions League, Real Madrid and Sporting Lisbon and meet. Before the game, C Luo and Patricio, William - Carvalho, Adrien - Silva embrace them in the national team is C Luo comrades, but also C Lo with the door Young. After the hug, a knife stabbed former team, this is the cruelty of competitive sports, no feelings to tell. C kick Ronaldo Patricio break the door, he did not smile, but did not roar, Dapeng wings to celebrate, but stern, raised his hand. This is the old club respect and homage, since love should kill inevitable, then C Luo will choose the most gentle way. When C after Luo goal apologetically, serious, such a scenario, in his 550 rare goals in. The last time was 2012-13 Champions League 1/8 finals Real Madrid VS Manchester United at Old Trafford and the Bernabeu Stadium Artemi Panarin Jersey, C Luo have scored, but the Portuguese star raised his hands do not celebrate like innocent. Because out of Manchester United, is he did not want to see. The game against Lisbon, C Luo do not want to celebrate presumptuous, continues to sprinkle salt on the old main body. Sporting break the door, C Luo extend his former team for the killing of 100% success rate. . 2015-16 season, the Champions League, Manchester City are still Juventus and Sevilla Morata break the door; 2007-08 season Tyler Motte Jersey, Manchester United in the Champions League encounter Sporting Lisbon, the first leg of C Luo goals, Manchester United 1-0 win; the second leg of Manchester United 2 -1 clinch, C Lo scored shaking kick. 2012-13 Champions League 1/8 finals Jordan Schroeder Jersey, Real Madrid against Manchester United, Real Madrid two rounds 3-2 out of Manchester United, C Luo have scored in the Theater of Dreams and the Bernabeu. This Real Madrid 2-1 reversal of Sporting Lisbon, C Luo and scored 1 goal. 5 battle former team 5 goals, C Luo and his former club, is the real love to kill one.

Manchester United will begin the journey

Le 6 November 2017, 08:56 dans Humeurs 0

Manchester United will begin the journey of European Cup Gabriel Carlsson Jersey, their first group match opponent is Feyenoord Blue Jackets Jerseys Cheap. Today, the Red Devils coach Jose Mourinho attended the pre-match press conference Seth Jones Jersey, he stressed that such giants Manchester United should go to a higher level of competition, the European Cup Manchester United to participate in non-combat wanted. But he also pointed out that since coming to participate in this event will go to the championship. In addition, Mourinho explained why Rooney missed the big list: too tired and needed a rest. Mourinho debut release. "Manchester United want to participate in this tournament is not, nor is it I want to go, not the same player we want to participate," Mourinho bluntly: "But we now have to participate in this event, this is the truth. Now, we must respect this reality, respect for the European Cup this tournament, we have to find forward momentum. I have the correct attitude, I will try to help the players also do this Andre Benoit Jersey. European Cup is not a lot of players dream of, but we have to do something now. For us such a big club, in the group stage out it is always a bad thing. "Mourinho pointed out will not give up any opportunity to compete for the championship." We want to make a difference. Europa League opponents is not so good deal, if you look at Manchester United last season's game against Midtjylland, you will be impressed, fans and players do not forget that. "Mike Mussina said he has a dark satire Van Gaal:." Of course, we want to make sure that no one fell asleep on the sidelines. " There are no Real Madrid C Lo addiction? At least, there is C Lo, there is hope. Champions League opener, Real Madrid 2-1 miraculous reversal of Sporting Lisbon, the body has not been to the best of C Luo played the full 90 minutes, kicked absolutely perfect free kick to tie the game for Real Madrid. Bell, Benzema can be replaced, but the C Lo must leave! Career 550 ball, Champions League 94 balls, Champions League kick king ...... C Lo body is full of countless glory and aura. Even the Sporting Lisbon coach also praised Jesus: C Lo, when the world is the best, without a doubt! According to the plan, against Sporting Lisbon, C Lo is not ready audience, but the scene stalemate, forcing Zidane to change the strategic plan.

Sporting started the second half

Le 6 November 2017, 08:56 dans Humeurs 0

Sporting started the second half to lead Real Madrid attack weakness, not in the state Benzema, Bell slight discomfort, Zizou will be two all removed, the BBC , leaving only the C Lo. Portuguese star did not let the Bernabeu 8 million fans disappointed, the first 88 minutes, Real Madrid get 24 free kick meters, C Luo right foot curve ball hit the post into the room before bypassing the people! "Marvelous free kick John Ramage Jersey, my God! C Luo began like God, he was Real Madrid fans do not give reason for hope!" "El Pais" on the C Luo full of praise of love. Look at the free kick, a real masterpiece. Draw a curve ball thrown high, at least above the wall 1.5 meters closer to the goal is the rapid fall Seth Jones Jersey, polar angle Diao - almost close to dead ends at the beams and columns. Patricio stretch the body to the limit has been slightly hit the ball, but the ball irresistible trend skittle pitch. Force, angle, arc, perfect blend, this classic kick, never lost their appeal. This is the C Luo Ou crown race the first 94 balls, still the highest scorer in the history of the Champions League 1 position, Messi 86 balls followed, ranked No. 3 position Raul scored 71 goals. C Lo in the Champions League 12 times free kick, but also beyond Piero, dominating the king of kick. If only from the 2009-10 season, C Lo to join Real Madrid since the beginning of this 7 many years in the Champions League Joe Pendenza Jersey, C Luo 10 times free-kick, ranked No. 2 was William, only 4 times the direct free kick Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey. On the free kick, the years of C Luo feeling "mad", the can not find any with CR7 character destabilize. Memorable, this goal has become C Luo career 550 ball. Where Real Madrid 366 ball, Manchester United 118 balls, Portugal 61 balls, Sporting Lisbon 5 balls. 2002 years 10 months, the 17 -year-old C Lo scored his first senior team as Sporting Lisbon 1 ball, 14 years, he never stopped. 550 ball, which is what level in European football? Ronaldo is alien 414 balls ( Club 352 ball, the Brazilian national team 62 goals ) , Raul total score 400 , Ruud 380 , Henry 357 , against the backdrop of these great strikers in order to highlight the C Lo precious. This is not the best C Lo. European Cup left knee injury, leading to C Lo truce nearly 2 months, the last round of league game against Osasuna, C Lo has just come back, played 65 minutes early to harvest goals.

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